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Touch From Heaven's product mix bifurcates into herbal/nature based products targeting promotion of health and General Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Dhuetsi Line of Herbal Products 'Dhue' mean time, 'tsi' mean glue or fix, thus Dhuetsi means Time-amalgamate, postpone or slowing aging processes. Touch From Heaven conceptualized and created the Dhuetsi line of products to provide option for proactive approach towards healthy and smarter living.

Besides herbal products, with intention create jobs, service balance of trade, contribute to technical and technological sovereignty and self-reliance, Touch From Heaven endeavours to engage in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) to provide alternative choice to the consumers with good quality products at a good price.

Dhuetsi Herbal Tea

A carefully crafted blend of Carthamus tinctorius, Phyllanthus emblica and honey, this tea gives you a refreshing and soothing sensation. While you enjoy every sip, the ingredients help improve the condition of your heart, liver and digestive system, thereby improving your general well being, making you feel refreshed and energetic.

This tea is also presented as an elegant gift hamper.

Dhuetsi Chuelen

This natural multi-ingredient formulation of Bhutanese grains such as Oryza sativa, Triticum, Zea mays, are fortified with Chawa (Withania somnifera), Chenopodium quinoa, Aru (Terminalia chebula), "Baru" (Terminalia bellirica) and Churu (Phyllanthus emblica). Besides individual goodnesses, Aru, Baru and Churu collectively help in maintain the balance of the three Humors i.e. rlung (wind), Thri (bile), beken (Phlegm). Through balance of these three secretions ensure basic functioning and well being of an individual. Withania somnifera has been used in "So-wa-rig-pa" (Health Science) to increase longevity and vitality. As per the findings of the modern research, regular consumption is believed to retard senescence, ameliorates stress, weakness, nervous exhaustion, geriatric problems and improves memory. Chenopodium quinoa provides much needed protein and naturally grown Bhutanese grains fibres and other richness.

Dhuetsi Chuelen comes will collective goodness to vitalize and rejuvenate vital organs, thus making you stronger from within. It also increases your defense against diseases and ameliorates oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals, protects the body against their deleterious effects and slows down the ageing process. Thus promote health and longevity.

Druk Detergent

Druk Detergent is formulation suitable both for hand and machine wash. It removes stains, removes odour while protects colour. It is gentle on hand.

Make Druk Detergent your partner in washing.


The Clean Toilet Cleaning Agent is formulated not only to clean but also to remove germs. After using the Clean, your toilet sparkles and the lemon emparts and leaves a lingering smell of freshness.


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